Wednesday, 7 April 2010

A nice day cutting up stuff...

I came across the small caps blog recently the via the fab LETTERPRESS IN THE UK and thought this customization of an old letterpress tray was absolutely beautiful. So much so that me and small son just had to have a go. He’s a bit bossy and not keen on random which made for some arguing but we’re quite pleased with the result. Thanks small caps for a great idea.  


  1. Glad you like the blog :)
    Glad I'm not the only one with a son who will only do it his way :-b

  2. Hi! Your cases are awesome! Thanks for the post! Several times I thought about the difference between german and english lettercases. Are the english ones always divided into two parts; one for the uppercase and one for the lowercase? The germans are not. Anybody knows? Sabrina

  3. I like the one with shells, very pretty! It's a nice idea too. Xx

  4. Loving these. Very much my style :-)



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