Friday, 11 September 2015

On dulse

Dulse (Seaweed) Seasoning.

Collect fresh dulse from idyllic Scottish beach. 

Beach near Mull of Galloway

Carry in rucksack for rest of day.
Rinse prodigiously under cold tap water.
Leave to dry.
Leave to dry some more.
Leave to dry for a bit longer.
Pop it in a (cold) oven because the smell is beginning to overpower the caravan.
Nonchantly dispose of damp seaweed and hope the the rabbits will eat it

campsite rabbits

Collect fresh dulse from idyllic Scottish beach. 

nope, none of this is dulse but pretty isn’t it?

Wash dulse in campsite sinks and hope no one else comes in to see your madness.
Leave to dry.
Dry in a very low oven.
Turn occasionally.
Ignore the smell.
Consider it dry enough (it probably isn’t).
Heat pan of oil – not olive unless it is all that you have (it was).
Add driest piece of dulse and watch it crisp
Remove, cool, taste and marvel at its subtle burnt flavour.
Add a not-so dry piece.
Try not to panic as damp dulse hits oil and spits violently (feel reassured that caravan has fire blanket but ask family to vacate the vehicle just in case).
Remove, cool, taste and chew.
And chew some more.
And a bit more.
Repeat cooking and store fried seaweed.
One week later remember to retrieve fried seaweed from caravan. 
Fried dulse. And yes it was red until I fried it.

 Consider fried dulse's best use is probably in the compost bin.


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