Monday, 3 February 2014

New print and exhibition news

Physalis - Chinese Lanterns

I've been working on this new print since the beginning of the year. These Physalis or Chinese Lanterns have mysteriously found their way into an unproductive flowerbed underneath the privet hedge in my parent's garden. They brought a welcome shot of colour at Christmas so I am grabbed a few stems in the hope of retrieving some of the seeds. I really like the way these plants had decayed with the lower lanterns already turned to pale skeletons whilst the upper ones still glowed red.

I think this will be a very fitting piece for my exhibition at Stillingfleet Lodge Gardens in June. Click the link for the full (and diverse!) list of exhibitions at this venue this year and keep up to date by following @slgardens on twitter. 

Until then Physalis - Chinese Lanterns is available here and here


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