Saturday, 23 March 2013

Neolithic monuments

Since I have finally, finally completed the Yorkshire Henges and their Environs Air Photo Mapping Project (chase the link at the end if the snappy title whets your appetite) I am at last allowing myself the luxury of looking at an archaeological landscape from a creative rather objective viewpoint. Whilst the project was ongoing it felt somehow wrong to use any mental energy thinking about the archaeology as the basis for a print when there was so much beeping mapping to do.

Now that I am freed from that particular shackle the target of my attentions is the Thornborough Henges, (not actually part of the above project but that's another story) These three vast circular monuments were built about four to five thousand years ago and survive today as impressive earthworks, although one is now largely concealed by woodland.

I've started and abandoned quite a few sketches but this is composition that it holding my favour at the moment. The colours will work themselves out on the inking slab (hopefully!).

Prehistoric Monuments in the A1 Corridor (links to pdf booklet )


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