Saturday, 24 April 2010

Betty's Hen (work in progress)

I’ve started on a new print featuring one of my sister’s hens. I’ve been a bit distracted of late so to concentrate my thoughts I will post on each stage of work. That way if progress stalls my blog will be a nagging reminder to get on with it. So here are the sketches – a pencil sketch and then an ink version. The ink version is an attempt to work out the cuts that I will make in the lino. Because I find it easier to colour in the areas to be cut thaN it is to colour around them this is in effect a negative image. 

Usually I also create a colour mock up either in coloured pencils like this or on screen in coreldraw or photopaint. I skipped this stage for Magpie tree and paid the consequences for my haste. So below is my colour mock up for Betty’s Hen. I reversed the ink image and put in some possible colour combinations. This shows me that there is far too much white on the breast feathers in this design so it needs some adjustment before I transfer it to the lino. It will be interesting to see just how close the final print is to this.  


  1. whoa that background looks v purple on my work monitor! I was aiming for a pale dusky grey-blue, must get my home monitor calibrated!

  2. it's a pale ducky grey-blue on mine! : )

  3. Really like the hen prints and the real hens are lovely too. I want to do work about hens in clay your work is very inspiring.



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