Tuesday, 20 April 2010

A bit undecided

As I predicted in my last post adding the black to Magpie Tree didn't produce the image in my mind's eye. And now I've lost sight of what I was trying to achieve altogether, though I know it was heavily influence by the feel of this Charlie Harper illustration. I've ended up with 3 versions:

Left....the original orange on white (which I quite like)

Centre....the full black and orange on white (which just screams halloween at me)

Right....where I have cut out a lot more from the black plate

As a warm up for big GE I am inviting your votes, LEFT, CENTRE, RIGHT in the comments box purleeeez (for the image you prefer, not your political persuasions, though you can tell me about those too if you wish) thank you!


  1. I like the centre and the right, as I prefer the magpies to be black and white, but can't really decide between the two. If pushed, I'd probably go for the centre one.

  2. Centre for me too! Xx

  3. Centre one for me too, though, I like the contrast in the left one.

  4. Thanks for your votes so far, perhaps I was a little hasty in cutting back the black plate. Ah well it will be a very, very limited edition.



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