Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Magpie tree (work in progress)

The lino is cut and the first colour is on! Its seems ages since I did any proper printing. I kid myself that other tasks have sucked away all my time (we are at the start of a house move) but really I think apathy has played its part. Anyway it was nice to feel the same excitement when I got the inks out last night and I'm quite please with the result so far, in fact I'm worried now that the next colour might ruin it.  (Does anyone else find  difficult to deal with orange in photo editors, my corel was determined to turn it brown!)


  1. I find it most annoying when I photograph stuff and the colour looks all wrong on screen - even worse though when it looks fine on screen and prints out differently!
    Magpie tree is looking good so far,

  2. great print & i hope the next colour goes well! looking forward to seeing the finished pic :0)
    best wishes, han



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