Sunday, 20 January 2013


The lovely thing about a light smattering of snow is the glimpse that it offers of the wildlife around. This morning we woke to the sight of two foxes running across the near-white field, we suspected they were around - the smell and their eerie cries - but we rarely see them.

Yesterday we walked the lanes and tracks around the village in search of evidence.

Pheasant  and rabbit prints

 Badger scrapes?

A veritable highway of little paw prints running across  a farm track from a small burrow (top) to the opposite verge (bottom)

  where we found a well gnawed beet!

mini roundabout




Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Geese - work in progress

Judging by this rather mean little pile of lino shavings I haven't cut nearly enough out of this lino yet. Normally I have mounds of the stuff wafting round my elbows, and eventually round my ankles. But here's a glimpse of the cut so far (photo taken on a v. v dull day :() .

Click here to see the original sketch for this piece.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Geese over Garforth

A quick glimpse of a sketch for my next print. Inspired by great Vs of geese that crossed over our heads on their way to Fairburn Ings one mid-December evening. Just magical! I've prepared the lino and, because I will be using the reduction method instead of individual plates, I have crossed all my fingers and toes!

The cutting has begun.

Happy New Year to you all & thanks for reading :)


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