Thursday, 1 April 2010

My first craft fair...

was ok. I would even go as far to as to say that I quite enjoyed it, in parts. P was very jealous of my opportunity to sit down and do b****r all for 6 hours, especially as he had to take our son to a soft-play party that afternoon.  The fair was really well organised by the WYPW and the venue nice and light and airy. And considering that Mirfield isn't the largest of towns the organisers had attracted a reasonable stream of visitors, and more importantly buyers. It was really interesting to hear comments on my prints for the first time and some quite surprised me. "Stork Landing" and the Chestnut prints were both discuss quite favourably (though alas not bought) though these have been the least viewed in my Folksy shop, whilst "Hardraw Force", one of my post popular prints was largely overlooked. Overall a good day, I might be tempted to do it again.  

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  1. I'm doing one at Blackpool, only £10, if you fancy sitting doing nowt all day :) I was in Mirfield the other month doing some work at Whiteleys Garden Centre, it's not that far from me if they're ever doing another one let me know, its one way of getting a day off motherhood :)



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