Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Holiday bugs

I've been going through our holiday photos and there are rather too many that look like this ...
One of oh-so-many swallow tails that were just to quick for me
I am quite gutted how many beautiful butterflies I didn't manage to capture (and son is gutted by all the grasshoppers that got away). But here is the edit of those critters that I did manage to snap.
I think this one might have been dead! Hue, Vietnam

Bees drinking from a lily in a pot pond. Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Well camouflaged and a bit slower than your typical grasshopper, as if crossed with a stick insect. Angkor, Cambodia

Palm crickets from the bamboo train ride, Battambang, Cambodia
Dinner crickets, and beetles and small birds. Pursat, Cambodia

Dragonfly, Angkor, Cambodia
Silk worms, Silk Island, Phnom Penh

We do love a good shield bug, and this is a beauty! Angkor, Cambodia

Ok, so catching them at it was cheating. Angkor, Cambodia
Moths are so much more obliging than butterflies. Note the transparent 'eyes'. These were as big as my hand, and satiated my lepidopteric desires. Angkor, Cambodia


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