Monday, 3 March 2014

Magic, mysticism and Milton

Like Australia, I've been quite willing to accept the existence of silver clay without having seen it myself, but there has always been a nugget of doubt in my mind.  So yesterday I was very happy to be initiated into the dark art of turning something the colour and texture of a well-chewed wrigleys into real silver gorgeousness. This instruction came courtesy of Emma Mitchell who generously shared her knowledge, tools and goody stash with a big dollop of humour, oh and 7g of the magic stuff. 7g doesn't sound much but it goes a long way - it made all the pieces in this post (bar chain and jump rings). 

The pendant above was made from a mould taken of a large vintage button. It was quite shockingly shiny when I first cleaned it up so I was relieved when Emma had me drop it in a cup of dilute Milton for a minute or two. This took the silver back to a slightly tarnished satin finish - much more my style. So all my other pieces had the same treatment. 

Sea Urchin earrings - impressed from real urchin test fragments

teeny scraps of (not quite enough!) left over clay impressed with a with vintage button and destined to be made into stud earrings

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