Thursday, 5 May 2011

Newt Love - linoprint

A little window into the life of a Peak District pond, newts courting, tadpoles wriggling, & skaters skimming the surface. Last year's reeds shelter a frog and new spears soar skyward. Blossom petals from an overhanging crab apple tree float gently down and sail away. I could have sat and watched this little world all day.
You can see my original sketch here,  the simplified drawing here, and the marked up lino here. It is available here and here


  1. This is really delightful - and your description and enjoyment of the scene makes it even more lovely. I have gazed into ponds myself and lost myself in the underwater wonder.

  2. ps: are you going to do this in different colourways?

  3. It looks amazing Alison, wonderful print : )

  4. thanks for your wonderful feedback! I'll be printing this in green tonight and then trying something new over the weekend (hopefully!)

  5. Great blog!!
    I know today and its fantastic!!



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