Thursday, 28 April 2011

Newt love - sketch

We spent a lovely Monday at the in laws in laws on the edge of the Peak District. They have a fabulous garden with several linked ponds, which are brimming over with life at the moment. As well as squillions of frog tadpoles we saw a fair few courting newts, hence this sketch. I plan to post about this work as it develops into a  lino print, but don't be surprised by the snail's pace of progress! Everything seems to take weeks at the moment but fingers crossed it will be ready for the Art Market on the 12th June


  1. Aren't newts amazing in their courtship fluttering and dancing - this print is so evocative of that and I look forward to seeing the progress - it's going to be brilliant!

  2. This is lovely - I love newts, especially their 'flirty-dances' :-)




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