Monday, 16 May 2011

presentation and display

We nipped over to Manchester at the weekend and spent some time wandering around the university museum. With less than a month to go until the Art Market at Holmfirth matters of presentation and display are playing on my mind at the moment, so for me it was the container as much as the contained that took my interest on this visit. I like the the way old museum exhibits become something more than just the poor bleached-out specimens, the way the sepia-toned pickling liquor, the custom-made glass vessels and the hand written labels all become integral to the exhibit. I think the curators have used this to great effect in these displays. 


  1. wouldn't that be great, to have some pickled octopus/octopi as part of your display!! You would be the talk of the market...

    But they do look fantastic in a strange kind of way, really fascinating - hope the market goes well.

  2. I do agree, it creates such atmosphere - it makes you view more intently in a sort of hushed way. It would be a very stylish flavour for your work - good luck with re-creating!

  3. It's been great to find your blog site, I've just recently got back into using lino after a number of years away from it. I looked online and your was one of the first blogs that caught me. Also like the video clip, it's cool.

  4. thanks for your comments. where does one buy a pickled octopus??? off to have nosy on e**y ;-)



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