Friday, 29 April 2011

Newt Love - simplified drawing

I've now rationalised the rather woolly first sketch into some nice solid lines which will translate more easily into cuts in the lino. In this case I've used the low tech route, tracing paper and a brown pen. Occasionaly I digitise a simplified version  of my sketches on screen in a graphics package, but frankly this is too similar to what II do all day so I prefer to use pen and paper. Now I can take stock of the design and see that some of the discrete bits of weed  blossom and tadpoles all look a bit too regularly placed but these minor adjustments can be made later. This version already has a new frog patched in because my first attempt was unidentifiable!
I think these are Palamate Newts, which fits the moorland location of the garden and ponds in which they were observed. Apparently they feed on small invertebrates including frog tadpoles so no wonder the frog looks miffed!

1 comment:

  1. I usually tinker with a scan of my sketch on screen, especially if I need to re-size bits.

    Like the circular format.




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