Friday, 14 May 2010

What's in the case?

Asked father and son. But how could I answer when I knew not myself, it had been hidden away in the in-laws attic for more than 15 years. What was in it?

Could it hold the correspondence from my old espionage days? No, that's all hidden in a left luggage locker at [classified] airport.

Could it be a trove of forgotten letters from forgotten lovers? Mm I might be forgetful but I'm not senile yet.

Would it contain a stash of what I thought at the time was glass and paste jewellery but now my more experienced self could recognise as the work of that great Russian Jeweller, Faberge? Yup I've been ODing the Antiques Roadshow repeats again.

I waited with for father and son to leave the house, took my mystery case into the garden (just in case it contained something really nasty). I held my breath and flicked the locks and behold ... it contained some  background reading for a 3rd undergraduate essay on the origins of syphilis.  

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