Saturday, 1 May 2010

Sunflower progress...

I've balanced the seed tray on two narrow lathes in the middle of my cold frame in the hope of fooling the slugs. It's working so far, but probably only until the slugs bribe the spiders to spin them silk parachutes.


  1. A not-so-nasty way of deterring slugs is meant to be putting egg shell (broken into little pieces) around the plant. Slugs aren't meant to like sliding over it. I don't know if it actually works or not. Happy sunflower growing!

  2. You could always fill a little dish with beer and sink it into the ground. Or go out at night with a torch, pick the snails and slugs off and throw them over next doors :)

    Cate x

  3. I'm so lucky, I have a resident thrush in my garden and don't get much slug or snail damage. You can buy copper tape to put around pots, slugs won't go over it.

  4. thanks for the tips, unfortunately I think my slugs were trained by the SAS. They drank the beer (and ate the raw porridge oats) and still ravaged my lettuces. They slimed their way across the 5kg of egg shells (and dog hairs). And I swear they actually enjoy the mild electric thrill of the copper tape. I have never seen a bird eat a big slug, I reckon they are much chewier than a de-shelled snail. Haven't tried the nematodes yet...



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