Saturday, 1 May 2010

Betty’s Hen (work in progress part II)

I’ve now flipped the sketch, and traced it onto the lino. I find this stage quite satisfying as I get to see the pared down version of the design and this is usually a better reflection of the final print than my often overworked sketches. I also like the look of the white tracing on the pale grey lino.
The I can at last start cut and carving. I like this kind of design because it is still quiet creative at the cutting stage. Then because I had decided on a two colour print (and was too stingy to use to separate sheets of lino) I had to cut the hen out without spoiling the “background” lino so that I can ink and print from them one by one. This felt like bloomin’ hard work and I have big burst blisters on my fingers where the grip on my knife cut into my skin – I will not be skimping on lino again!  Off to recover with a glass of red. 

1 comment:

  1. OUCH! Thank god for a glass of Red :)

    Betty's looking good!



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