Sunday, 9 May 2010


I had a quick play around with some of my wooden type the other night. I haven't managed to track down a chase yet  (that's the bit that keeps the whole arrangement together and stops the letter blocks moving during inking and pressing) so I improvised with an old flat-fronted picture frame. It did the job & was a good size for the plates on my press but I am not sure how long it will stay together under repeated use. Anyway here is the result. I love all the dings and scratches in the bottom capital M, and eagle-eyed experts can probably tell that the top M is in fact an inverted W, I did warn you it would be criminal.
PS if anyone knows what the middle type is please let me know, I am a few letters short and thinking of trying to cut them from lino or ply but need a reference, Ta.


  1. I love that big chunky M at the bottom, and the font in the middle is lovely but I don't recognise it.

  2. You have a suspended sentence :0

    Don't know the typeface - you could try posting on briar press or on flickr to see if anyone has a wood type specimen

    Doing a free letterpress workshop Sat 26 June at the Arts Factory in Keighley if you want to come and play :)

  3. would love to play! if it doesn't clash with house move i'll be there. thanks for the tips.



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