Saturday, 16 July 2011

Swedish Thread 2

I've still got my thread head on, much buoyed up by the lovely comments to my previous post and by the arrival of a small stack of embroidery hoops :)

This one preempts what I hope will be a summer holiday spent gazing into rockpools, one of my favourite past times (equal place with beach combing). I'm hoping to work on some prints on this  theme but in the meantime I've been thinking about limpets. These gastropods are soft squidgy critters in a tough conical shell and they are near impossible to remove from a rock. Amazingly they gouge away at the rock and produce a shallow depression that is "home" then range around grazing for algae and other food before returning "home". I like to think they are performing a little dance as they go, maybe a limpet dosey doe or tango. 

and from the previous post...


  1. These are lovely! I share your love of rockpool gazing and beach combing, so anything that captures these pastimes so beautifully really appeals...Liz

  2. Both of these pieces are lovely, I love the colour palette you're using :) Funnily enough I've recently gotten interested in using embroidery hoops for my work, I didn't know they came in shapes other than round! :)

  3. Thank you! The oval ones aren't quite as sturdy as the round, but they come in a couple of different sizes.

    btw I've just listed a small embroidery in aid of the Save the Children East Africa appeal here pls take a look :)



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