Saturday, 9 July 2011

swedish thread 1

During a big tidy up a few weeks back I came across this little bundle of threads, felt and woven fabric that I had bought in the fantastic Svensk Hemslojd store in Stockholm a couple of years ago. 

I hadn't attempted much needlework for a good few years so thought I'd  have a stab (literally!) at something as a break from print making.  But there was one thing I had forgotten about embroidery - it is so blinking addictive! Once I started I couldn't stop and was busy stitching away crouched over in bad light 'til gone midnight. It reminded me of the time I obsessively chained stitched an A4 sized piece until none of the fabric was visible (wonder where that's gone?). 

I had chosen these linen and wool threads with the landscape of Gotland in mind. Gotland sits in the middle of the Baltic and has fabulous sandy strands, pebbly beaches, low scrubby vegetation and its roads are line with the most fabulous displays of wild flowers. Here's the piece nearly done, just the flowers to add now.


  1. That looks great - glad you stayed up all night to make it for us to see!

  2. Beautiful work, I bet it'll look stunning once the flowers are added - it's good to have a change from your normal craft every now and then, isn't it?

  3. wow! That beautiful, i love the texture that you've got in the work, and the colours are just right. Thanks for sharing : )

  4. thanks for all these lovely comments. still pondering on the wild flowers. and yes thatfuzzyfeeling it did feel good to do something completely different :)

  5. Uhooi,,
    Wow,, It works great and creative,,

  6. ooh, that looks lovely! Looking forward to seeing more of this...



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