Sunday, 31 July 2011


I was knocked out by the fabulous colours of these banded demoiselles when I saw them dancing across the River Wharfe this afternoon. I wish I had had the video camera with me so I could share the amazing fluttering flights of these damselfly, its enough to make you believe in fairies.  

Until I saw these I had quite liked the colour pairing in my latest bit of stitching, but now it seems so drab by comparison. Ho hum. Might put some thought into a damselfly print though ...


  1. Nature produces such vibrant colours which seam impossible to imitate!
    lovely stitch work you have far more patience than me! and yeh to a damselfly print!

  2. Stunning photos and lovely stitchery.

    Turning the calendar over to August this morning the picture is two damselflies making a heart shape as they mate. Once again stunning colours.

    Shall keep an eye out for a damselfly print !!

    Claire :}

  3. I love the colours on dragon flies too, very inspiring :)

  4. Beautiful photos - love the idea of a damsel fly print, too :)

  5. What amazing iridescent colours!



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