Monday, 25 April 2011

(not so) mellow yellow

We are surrounded by oilseed rape at the moment and the air is thick with the smell of it. Even at dusk this yellow crop has a strange luminosity. I feel sure that even if I went cycling at midnight i could find my way to the A1 by the glow of its flowers alone. With so much yellow about I am not sure whether there is a  market for bright yellow lino prints but here they are anyway!

left: Betty's Hen lino print
bottom right: In the Frame - yellow
(top right is a photo, taken across the field up the road with a power station in the background)


  1. That's the exact yellow of rape. Betty looks brilliant. Jo

  2. Norfolk is full of rape seed fields at the moment and the smell of it is so distinctive too !

    I love the bright yellow block with the black and white- very graphic, really lovely prints : )



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