Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Works in progress

Late last year - on a mild weekend sandwiched between icy blasts we hopped over to Northern Ireland for a wee road trip and a visit to the Giant's Causeway. I have to say the coastline is stunning, my ideal mix of wide sandy beaches, cliff and rocks. I've been working on a design for a print ever since but struggled to get the composition right. Now I think I've just about cracked it. 

I was a but miffed to find i didn't have enough lino to make a start on this last night so decided to turn channel my creative urges towards a spot of painting.

He's not quite finished yet but it was a great feeling to produce something in a relatively short space of time, printmaking on the other hand can be a rather long drawn out process (at least it is the way i do it!). Must do more painting this year - and more birds - lots more birds!


  1. lucky you ! That's somewhere Ive always wanted to see! Was it very busy though? Whenever Ive seen it on the box it always seems crawling with people and it seems somewhere I'd want to see on a grey/heaving seas type of day !!!! Look forward to seeing the final piece !

  2. It was fairly quiet in mid-december. Being north-facing the winter sun never rose from behind the cliffs so the lighting was a bit flat, but still well worth a visit.

  3. Both beautiful pieces of work. Look forward to seeing the final print.

  4. Oh how wonderful to be able to say 'we just popped over to Ireland for the weekend"...
    Living down here, you don't get to 'pop' anywhere really.
    Visited the Giants Causeway , ooh, 4 years ago now, amazing place...
    Love your print and painting.



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