Friday, 21 January 2011

Hello wall

Looking good. I used to live in a very old cottage with lots of nooks and crannies, hanging pictures was easy, everything had a place and everything looked great. Six months ago we moved to a house that is younger than me and I was (and still am) overwhelmed by the expanses of bare wall. Its still looking pretty sparse in most rooms but I quite like the way this wall is going so thought i'd share it with you.  

And in case you're interested...

1 The Hermitage from The Hermitage
2 Lodka from The Hermitage
4 silk embroidery from that auction site about 5yrs ago
5 Science is Awesome from Pam Wishbow Illustration
6 Moth Embroidery by Jenny McCabe


  1. it's looking great, love the way you've mixed the styles of the pictures really works well. Thank you for putting the link to The Hermitage -i haven't seen Emma's work before-it's wonderful. :-)

  2. There's two not credited- don't be bashful!

  3. Do have a look at The Hermitage blog too (link is inthe Etsy shop somewhere)... It is truly beautiful.

    Not bashful, more like dopey ;-)

  4. I'm the same with high Victorian ceilings, find it hard to get mine to look right, love the eclectic mix! Still not found some vintage frames for my rabbit and fox, hopefully the warmer weather will bring me some fruitful finds at the car boot ;)
    Never heard of Jenny McCabe, lovely!
    Thanks for the link ;)



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