Saturday, 1 January 2011

Crow and Anvil

Way back in the autumn, before all the white stuff, when ferns and fungi still flourished we took a trip to Brimham Rocks. I took reams of photos and made a few sketches but various other printing projects and the inconvenience of an unheated workroom coupled with sub-zeros temperatures contrived to keep any output from the trip on the back burner, until now.  Brimham boasts a magnificent eagle which rises like a massive totem pole above a narrow rock canyon. The eagle has been cleaved in two by erosion and one half has collapsed. I was convinced that it was upright on my first visit nearly 20 years ago and told my husband and son so. Then I  found a photo I had taken at the time, it showed my recollection to be quite wrong – funny how the memory plays tricks. 

This is the anvil stone, I loved the way the crow perched on the edge and cawed down to passers by with such authority.

Happy New Year  

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