Sunday, 19 June 2011

wet sunday

We took a trip over to Brimham Rocks near Harrogate with a lengthy walk in mind but after an hour of persistant rain we took a short cut back to the rocks and had a scramble around & picnic. By then it had dried up and the sun came out so we looked a bit daft wandering around in our full wet weather gear. Especially with mouths and hands stained deep blue from bilberry picking & eating. If any one knows an idiot-proof recipe for dyeing fabric with these berries i'd love to know :)
Despite (or perhaps because of ) the wetness, nature was in full force. We watched a pair of hares chasing each round and round a field for at least five minutes. And we heard two calling to each other from fields on either side of the road, one watching over their offspring. Lapwings fledgings are incredibly beautiful! Skylarks trilled overhead accompanied by the occassional baleful mew of the curlews. But the best bit was the sheep whose baa sounded like a long belch. 
The scramble round the rocks reminded me that I had intended to do a companion piece for my Crow and Anvil linoprint, something to think about this week.   


  1. What a lovely country walk. Your crow and anvil is super.

  2. My husband and I really loved the prints you were showing at Holmfirth Art Market, very nice indeed!

  3. it was lovely Anna, despite the rain :)
    delighted you like them Kate (did we talk?)I love your bird/map collages

  4. Love your lino technique, especially in Newt love, it's a really well designed print.



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