Monday, 7 February 2011

Winged seeds

Winged seeds spin down
Hoping to touch the sky once
More with their branches 

I thought  haiku would be a fitting accompaniment to these tiny aceo-sized lino prints of sycamore seeds. I love the poems in  The Tale of Murasaki (Liza Dalby) but its a long time since i've read this and i've never tried to compose a haiku myself - so big apologies to the purists for my clumsy  attempt ;-). 

The prints are available here. I designed them as a diptych, to sit alongside one another, but i like them just as well as singles.


  1. They're lovely, as are the chestnut grove and little acorns which I've just purchased!

  2. Great prints Alison, i love the simplicity and elegance of the design, works really well.

  3. So pretty and fragile just like the seeds themselves.

  4. Thanks for your comments & I hope you like your purchases Tammy



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