Wednesday, 16 February 2011

reduction reduced me to tears

A canny coot had nested on a semi-submerged boat on the cool green waters of the River Sorgue

Following our little chat about using the reduction method for lino printing in multiple colours i thought i'd share this from a couple of years ago. I am really fond of this print, it was one of the first i attempted (probably a bit ambitious in retrospect) it took me weeks to plan and cut. I think I started with about 20 on various different papers,  I ended up with just 2 that I was happy with :(. But I learnt a lot in the process - mainly to ditch the water based inks and forget the reduction method!


  1. Oh that's beautiful, so subtle :) I don't think I'd ever be brave enough to try the reduction method of printing!

  2. Yes I too vowed not to do another reduction after trying my first one. Have since done only one more reduction, this time with just two colours. Yours is lovely



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