Tuesday, 6 July 2010


I made jam! For the first time. It was surprisingly simple, but a bit scary at the boiling sugar bit. Every recipe I read online was different but this is what I ended up doing (based on all in general and none in particular):

  1. One very big pan*, 1kg hulled strawberries, 1kg jam sugar (has added pectin), good squeeze of lemon juice & few drops of vanilla. 
  2. All gently heated on the stove until all the grainy sugar had dissolved. 
  3. Meantime put washed jars into the oven at c. 140C with metal spoons in and one plate into the freezer. 
  4. Once the sugar was dissolved (it took about 20mins, but I haven't got the hang of gas again yet) turned the heat up and boiled the mix for 10 minutes, 
  5. Then flipped a spoonful of the mix onto the cold plate, gave it a mo then stuck a finger in - well set.
  6. Removed the heat from the jam and the jars and left both for 10 minutes (but see 8) 
  7. Spooned jam into still warm jars, sealed with greaseproof paper and lids. 
  8. Realised 10 mins wasn't enough to distribute the fruit so kept turning the jars upside and back again until it had set to stop all the strawberries floating to the top.      

* boiling sugar is scary, my mix only filled the bottom fifth of my pan, which felt safe enough when it was bubbling up the sides.

And today found a damson tree at the bottom of the garden. Damson jam is my favourite!


  1. You can also make jam really easily using a microwave if you have one :) http://swirlyarts.blogspot.com/2008/08/easiest-way-to-make-jam-ever.html

  2. Thanks Lynsey, that does sound like easier washing up. Will give it a go next time.

  3. Isn't it ace fun? We make about 7 or 8 types of jam per year, and the first few times I was convinced it'd all go wrong, but after a bit you realise it's quite easy.

    A good idea is to sit the jars upside down to cool, that way they form the airtight 'pop!' thing with the lids.

    Enjoy your jam! :)

  4. That looks good. I made some redcurrent jelly, but its a little bit runny. I only used ordinary sugar tho. Millie

  5. I pour boiling water into the jars then tip it out just before I put the jam strait from the cooker into the jars. I never need to use grease proof paper as a vacuum forms once lid is on. It works every time.



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