Saturday, 31 July 2010

bits and pieces

Picked up a few bits and pieces on our walk today, a few raspberries, a handful of early blackberries and an unripe cobnut. Also this lovely little glass bottle stopper, which I wound in a scrap of copper wiring I found in the loft.

There's lots of this glassy slag in the fields around here. I love the graduation of the colours. If anybody knows if there is a way to work with this do let me know, I suspect it would just shatter in a stone tumbler.

You know that you've been drooling over all those US prairie chic blogs for far too long when you find yourself handwashing a grubby hessian feedsack picked up from the side of the road. I have reached that point. Though I did rein myself in when it came to ironing it. Still it will make good storage bag for the shed. 


  1. you could probably sell it on etsy for a small fortune if you could bear to part with it!! :) Laura x

  2. Laura's right!!
    Some great finds, even better when they are free ;) Yes I've been drooling too over hessian feedsacks, lovely!



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