Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Fox in shop

This fox print is now in my shop but I am a bit worried that he's going to run amok amongst the hens and rabbits so someone re-home him soon please. He's a limited edition lino print (edition of 45), based on some disappointing photos I took through a double-glazed window on a dark evening in February this year. Having been painstakingly carved from the lino with some nice sharp steel tools he was inked up with glossy black oil-based ink and then lovingly pressed onto crisp white Zerkall paper by my cast iron bookbinding press (see this video for the process).


  1. Oh, he is lovely. Although certainly a fox (very foxy), he does remind me of my naughty dog. I think it is the look on his face : )

    I'll be keeping my eye on him ... to buy, not cos I'm the fox police.

  2. Yes he is lovely, what a talent you have - your items are lovely, Di x

  3. oh he'll run amok with my rabbit nicely, better sell some stuff :)



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