Saturday, 12 June 2010

baby spiders

I have a really distinct memory from my childhood of finding a strange brown flower on the hawthorn bush at the end of the alley. I poked my finger into its centre and it exploded like a firework into a seething mass of tiny spiders. We found these baby spiders on our bin this evening and it brought that memory storming back. Luckily I'm not quite so scared of spiders as I was back then.


  1. ooh look at all those little yellow spiders!
    my childhood memory of spiders is finding huge fat ones lurking in the corners of my wendy house, they used to frighten me so much that it really put me off playing in there! i never once wondered what they thought of me!
    still, these are great photo's as i don't mind the little ones:0)

  2. I've just managed to gather the courage pick a spider up, but moths and daddy longlegs make me run like the wind ;o)

  3. Coincidentally, I took photos of a "ball" of those yellow spiders last Friday that I discovered in our garden! And when I accidently touched their web, they exploded like fireworks! I'm glad that you discovered my blog so that I could discover your wonderful work....Best...Gloria



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