Friday, 7 June 2013

Big, big trees

Cathedral Grove, Vancouver Island

I'm nearly a week back from our holiday in British Columbia, well Vancouver Island and a tiny bit of the Sunshine Coast to be specific, and as usual I am slow to get to grips with all the photos I have taken.

Does anybody else suffer false photography syndrome - those photos you're sure you took but can't be found on any memory card?

Confusion was heightened this time round because on the fourth day my dear son dipped my camera in the sea whilst chasing crabs. It didn't like this at all and refused to work again (and got impressively hot when I forgot to take the battery out). So I had to resort to the camera on my phone, and to begging a go on OHs bridge camera, not ideal for someone who snaps continually but to be honest I am no great shakes as a photographer.

Anyway here's the first of a couple of posts about our travels. We toured around in a huge RV and stayed on a few of the Provincial Park campgrounds  - amazing pitches under enormous Douglas Fir and cedar and surrounded by luscious mosses, ferns and dogwood, where squirrels scampered and woodpeckers drilled and the bears stayed mercifully hidden.

Old Growth Douglas Fir in Cathedral Grove, Vancouver Island

Moss strewn limbs at Goldstream, Vancouver Island

Saltery Bay Provincial Park

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