Friday, 12 April 2013

mystery egg

Can anybody identify this egg? Its about 5cm long.

My son found it in this little mossy hollow in a grassy bank at the edge of the football pitch in the village park but I can't imagine it was laid here. My best guess is that it has fallen from a nest in a nearby tree and been re-nested by unknown hands.


  1. Trying to picture the scale.... but it looks like a Mistle Thrush's egg. As they are one of the earliest to nest and lay eggs, and nest in trees (nests precariously balanced on a branch in full view of passing magpies) I'm almost certain it is.

  2. Celia, I think this all fits, apart from the size which I guestimate to be the length of my little finger, about 5cm/2inches. I'm now wondering if it hasn't travelled a bit further than the nearest tree - there are moorhens nesting on the other side of the park - but I hope I am wrong because this suggests it has been moved rather than fallen accidentally :(

  3. From the size it could be a rook or a crow according to my birds' eggs book, but you do wonder how it got there!



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