Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Unseasonal trees

During a break in Portugal over the autumn half term I became slightly obsessed with a cloud-like group of trees that stand on the hillslopes close to the World Heritage Site of Sintra. Sintra itself is an amazing complex of palaces gardens and woodlands top off with a moorish castle. I spied the "broccoli trees" (as OH and son named them) during a tram ride between Praia das Maçãs (beach of apples, apparently they used to wash down onto the beach from the orchards) and Sintra but it is pretty tricky to take a photograph from a moving tram,  even more so when it is peeing down with rain. I was keen to start working on this print when we got back, but by the time it was finished in early December it felt a  little bit out of sync with the season so I put most of the edition to one side, and I think I will probably leave it there until spring. 


  1. I went to Sintra years ago. I remember the fabulous tiled kitchen with the huge domed/pointed ceiling, and unless I'm mixing it up with somewhere else (all too possible) was there a bedroom with a wooden ceiling painted with magpies? As a warning that unfriendly ears are always potentially listening.
    Anyway, lovely place and a lovely print ;-)
    Happy Christmas.

  2. I like the broccoli! trees, lovely colours which remind us of sunnier days!I've been unable to leave comments on your post, so hope it works this time.

  3. It will be Spring before we know it ;) Lovely print and make me wish long days of sunshine.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours x
    Will see you when we take down the exhibition ;)

  4. Jon, I saw the huge kitchen chimneys from the outside, but an inside visit lost out to the toy museum over the road!
    Anna, glad it worked this time, thanks for dropping by :)
    Thank you all for your kind words, i've just found out I sold the first of these at the Art Market Showcase in Huddersfield so i'm hoping that is a good sign for future sales.
    Wishing you all a Happy New Year :)



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