Saturday, 26 March 2011

Its been a busy old couple of weeks. Not in an overly eventful way just with lots of little jobs and loose ends to tidy.

I popped over to the Bowery in Leeds last weekend to drop off another Betty's Hen print. There's just a few more weeks to catch my Hen and Thief exhibition over there. I've dropped off a few replacements for sold work over the 3 months but I won't get a tally of the sales until the end so I'm quite excited to hear how its gone.

I did find out earlier this week that I have been accepted for the next Art Market at Holmfirth on the 12th June. This is a wonderful event run over two weekends (there will be different exhibitors on the 5th June). Its superbly organised and brings in a wonderful range of people who are really interested in art and craft. Needless to say the quality of work on show is very high so I am really very pleased to have been offered a stall again this year. Lots of work to do in preparation! 

Its great to see my cheeky magpie flying with the rest of the L.ttle Bird  flock at The Dukes in Lancaster. I was hoping to get across to see the exhibition but this probably won't happen but luckily they have posted some great photos here. Fingers crossed for this fundraiser.

I've managed to squeeze in a couple of hours linocutting and printing too. I've printed some old favourites in some fresh colours for spring and i've half-printed a new one but i'll leave that for later.


  1. It sounds like you've had a very productive couple of weeks. I live near Leeds so must pop and have a look at the Bowery; I've often driven past and wondered what it was...great that your lovely work will be seen by lots of people! Liz :)

  2. This fox print is really sweet!



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