Thursday, 11 November 2010

I haven’t picked up a paint brush in about ten months. I found the low level of interest in the prints of my watercolours in my online shop a bit disheartening. I think my style is probably a bit too traditional for many people and my very chic italian friend has told be that my taste for heavy rough watercolour paper is very old fashioned (she being a successful acrylics and inks artist herself). It’s also highly likely that I am just not good at it. 

So I was quite surprised to sell copies of  these three paintings and greetings cards from some of my others at the two shows I've done recently. Just wish I had remembered to take Two Starlings along too!  This has encourage me to do a little more painting now that its getting a bit chilly in my print workshop (also known as “that bloody freezing garage”). 


  1. Don't think you're not good at it because you are. Also there is always a market for more traditional realism, it's just that those people don't shop on Folksy- you're more likely to find them at an arts and crafts fair. And the current economic climate means that artwork is sadly at the bottom of most people's lists- keep going with it!

  2. Thanks for your kind words Tammy. I hope this didn't sound like a self-pitying post, it wasn't intended that way, it was more an expression of surprise that after so little interest online that people were interested in the flesh. But as you say Folksy probably isn't the place, yet.

  3. Hello!
    Found your blog via wollies, I'm not surprised they sold, congratulations! Stay warm and keep painting!
    Sarah x

  4. Don't give up - tough times everywhere :)



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