Saturday, 7 August 2010

Nearly there...

Phew my latest print is nearly complete. So far I've hand cut three lino blocks, one for the buff colour, one for the red and the yellow and a third for the black. I've printed a few on newsprint just to check the registration, made a few tweaks here and there and printed the buff, red and yellow on good paper. I've just finished cutting a few unwanted high points off of the black block so am ready to do the next and final inking. I'm really tempted to do it now but the red & yellow aren't quite dry so fingers crossed for a quite hour or two in the morning to get this done.


  1. this looks lovely. we get the odd goldfinch in our garden - such striking little birds. look forward to seeing the finished print xx

  2. I have never seen this done before.. thank for sharing and I look forward to the finished product.



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